Binance 2Fa Verification failed or not working

Alright we are here now, what happens when you are using Binance and you have your Crypto (money) in the Binance Wallet, but you cannot access it. There can be several reasons behind this and mostly you have to blame yourself for this, as Binance is a very reputed and Big Exchange. They will not run away with your money. So while using Binance this can happen on several occassions, if you forgot your password or login credentials, or sometimes if you don't have access to email or 2 factor authentication. These are the security measures taken by binance seriously in order to protect you from getting your funds stolen.

Now the main Problem which we faced on daily basis is to verify 2 FA (2 factor authorisation ), this is something extra from binance to protect you from all the possible thefts going on with cryptocurrency. 2FA code changes every 10 seconds, and if you have lost the access to authenticator or google Authy App, then you can follow the instructions below.

If you want to reset your Binance account’s Google Authentication settings please follow the steps mentioned below as there are many ways to do it :

Step 1 :You need to enter email address and password on binance login page and after doing that, click “Lost Your Google Authenticator?” on the Google Authentication page.


Step 2 :You need backup key of 2FA and If you still have your Google 2FA backup key, you can reset it quickly, but if you don't have it then we have to go through the steps below.

Binance verification or 2FA Lost
Binance 2Fa Verification first step

Step 3 : You will recieve an email now, An email will be sent to your registered email address.You need to click on confirm So Please do click on ‘Confirm Reset’ to proceed ahead.


Step 4 :Now there are two possibilities. If your account has passed level 2 verification or if your account is level 2 verified where you have uploaded your identity(photo id), or if you have never made a deposit into your account like never used it, please skip to Step 5.

Otherwise now what you can do is you will get an option to input deposit address of the last used currency. Please input the Binance deposit address of the latest coin you deposited into your account.

But if you don't have it then what we can do, please click “Try another way.”  You will get some security questions to answer The Binance system will ask you some random particular security related questions. Make sure you answer them correctly coz If you fail to do so (within three attempts), your account will be locked for two hours.


Step 5 : The fisth step if you don't have any such info above then we are left with this step. On the following page, click “Start ID verification”


Please choose the country your ID was issued in( it will ask for your country of origin)



Now Select from the options it gave. Choose how you will upload your ID:



Now you need to upload the ID. Upload the front of your ID card, passport, or driving license:

Make sure you have a clear picture of the ID


Upload the rear of your ID( Back Side)


Now the main step You need to do. According to thir policies you need to upload a photo of yourself holding a handwritten note.

The Written text must include the following text: Binance + Reset Google + (current date YYYY/MM/DD)

Step 6 : Now Morever it will take the pictures in the first go else you need to do it again. After the photos being submitted successfully, the next step is you will receive an email for facial verification confirmation(important step). Please now go back to your email and click on start facial recognition or verification.


Step 7 : On verification page, you can verify 5 times within 24 hours if it is not taking. If you failed the verification procedure for 5 consecutive times, please wait for 24 hours to click the Facial verification email. or else you need to startover.1863921a6517ab018b1170a52c9bbd3.png

Step 8 : Choose the device now like PC or Mobile : Complete the facial verification.



9. If there is any error or problem you can do the same from Binance mobile app.

Step 10 : Once you done, please be patient and wait for the result. You will recieve an email next. The result will be sent to your email. Kindly check.